Embry Wood Owen, a white woman wearing glasses and a yellow scarf

Hi. I’m Embry Wood Owen.

I am a disability justice researcher, writer and speaker. I’m also pursuing a masters in urban strategy at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

My Current Work

I steward modern disability history, in order to create radically inclusive futures for disabled people.

My own experience with disability led me to this work. I conduct extensive research on architectural, design and disability history. I write meditations on disability, as well as longer explorations of how our exclusionary, then activist past, must inform a more just future. I speak to groups of accessibility professionals on these topics, with a focus on people working in technology and the arts. Finally, I consult with organizations that seek to make their programming and technology more inclusive to disabled people.

Let’s Collaborate

Please reach out if you’d like to explore speaking or consulting work, or if you just care about these same topics. I’d love to hear from you at embry.owen@gmail.com.